Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 4: Rough Sketches 02

These are series of scenes in Phra Suthon Manohra tale when Phra Suthon travels to Himmapan forest finding his beloved wife, Manohra.

The first scene is the scene that Phra Suthon journeys to Himmapan forest and confronts a dangerous poison forest. Fortunately, with a little help of a monkey, found on the way here, he finally passes it. In this picture, I chose to illustrate in different ways. The security tube path located through the forest represents help of the monkey, and the poison forest is caused by pollution.

The second illustration is the scene that Phra Suthon have to pass a rattan forest where is full of deadly thorns. Hence he have to cover himself by a magic cloth. A gigantic bird, called Husadeelueng sees him and thinks he is a deer captures and takes him to its tremendous nest up on the treetop.

The last one is the scene that Phra Suthon have to walk through a crashing mountains where two mountains are colliding with each other all the time, thanks to the magic equipment he able to stop them.

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